May 7, 2019

Creature Comforts

Story - Creature Comforts - Sleeping Wildebeest

Have you ever heard the sounds of one million wildebeest?

To the wildebeest, a creature comfort is simply knowing you’re not the slowest of the herd. To us, as visitors on a safari in the northern Serengeti, creature comforts take on a different meaning – simply, but blessedly reminding us of the soothing little comforts of home.

To that end, upon request, we are happy to provide you at no charge with our own assortment of creature comforts like a sound machine, in-room humidifier, eye mask, ear plugs, mosquito netting, or our special eight-DVD instructional video series titled “How Not to be the Slowest Wildebeest.”

Just ring the Front Desk and give us your very best “fast wildebeest” call… or simply ask, “well, what’s gnu with you?”

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