Experience Easter in Regina

There’s never a bad time to visit Regina. Our beautiful city is truly one for all seasons. Still, Easter (and springtime in general) might be one of the better ones. Winter is receding, warmer weather has arrived, and the sun shines brightly. Of course, along with milder temperatures comes a full calendar of amazing activities. COVID-safe protocols are still in effect in the province, though that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of amazing things to do in Regina.

Looking for some fun ways to shrug off the cabin fever this Easter? Read on for some great ideas on how to get out and enjoy the city during your visit.

Visit Wascana Centre

The beautiful 120-hectare (297 acre) Wascana Centre overlooks Wascana Lake, in the heart of the city, and has long been a draw for Saskatchewan’s nature lovers. Hiking, biking, birding and visiting the park’s many impressive historical monuments are all popular activities during the warmer months. Plus, with four playgrounds, 70 picnic areas and endless green space, Wascana is a great place for families to come and enjoy the lovely springtime weather.

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Moonlight Movies Drive-In Theatre

There’s nothing quite like a trip to a drive-in theatre. Watching a film in the great outdoors from the comfort of your car is an experience that’s worth having as often as the opportunity arises. This classic night out enjoyed a resurgence in 2020 thanks to the necessity of sheltering in place and social distancing, and our own Moonlight Movies Drive-In rose to the occasion. The theatre is showing an entertaining schedule full of double features this April.

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See Some Public Art

Regina has always been a big supporter of the arts. And although many of our galleries are still taking precautions against the pandemic, the city is rich with public art that’s very easy to see and enjoy from a vehicle or on foot. Those wishing to take in the rich artistic culture of Regina will discover more than 330 public art projects distributed throughout the Queen City. Take a look at this handy guide to public art to discover some truly stellar examples.

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Take a Self-Guided Historical Tour

Regina is a city that’s deeply rooted in a rich past. From our earliest days as a travel hub and nexus of trade to our current role as a cultural, commercial and governmental centre, our fair city has much to offer history buffs. To that end, those interested will discover many ways to take themselves on a tour of our most important landmarks as a way of getting a peek into our backstory.

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Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun and safe outdoor activity for all ages. Essentially, it’s like going on a hunt to find buried treasure! Geocachers all over the world leave small “caches” — usually a small box or chest containing a signature token in the form of a stampable guestbook — then upload the coordinates to an online guide so that others can find it. Fellow ‘cachers locate the item using GPS, leave their mark and return it to the same spot. It’s great exercise, a fun day out and an interactive way to taste the thrill of discovery!

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Let The Atlas Hotel Take Care of Easter Dinner

Having company for Easter and scratching your head over how to feed everyone? Never fear — the culinary experts at The Atlas Hotel have you covered. We’ll gladly prepare your Easter meal with all the trimmings, leaving you all the time you need to focus on family. Our complete takeout Easter dinner serves up to 10 and includes all your timeless favourites. Simply reach out to us at our Easter Dinner Offer Page, let us know what you’d like us to prepare fresh for you and then pick it up at the appointed time. It’s simple, economical and delicious. Happy Easter!

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