May 7, 2019

He Lost his Goats

Story - He Lost his Goats

Ethiopia. 573 A.D.

A young goat herder found his usually sluggish flock gathered around a red berry bush. They were prancing… and with unusual vigour.
Who was he to fly in the face of goat logic?

So the young goat herder plucked a few berries from the red berry bush and popped them into his mouth. Soon, he too was prancing with unusual vigour.

Flash forward 1,500 years and give a hearty, robust thank you to our young Ethiopian goat herder who, if history had taken a different turn and rendered him capraphobic from birth, we might never have discovered the magic of good coffee.

And so, for the young, 6th century, unusually vigoured goat herder in all of us, we’re proud to offer you a simple-to-use, easy-to-enjoy Keurig coffee maker and high-quality recyclable coffee cups in every guestroom.

Prance away….

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