May 7, 2019

Hotel Sheri

Story - Hotel Sheri

While you may know us as The Atlas, there are a select-but-growing few who know us – and dearly love us – but by a different name.

Our regular travellers know Sheri in Reservations by name. “Hey Sheri, it’s me. I am coming in on Tuesday of next week for one night. Thanks – see you then!”

Sheri rocks harder than anything in Canada. No… seriously. The members of Rush have posters of Sheri on their walls. Curling stones look at her with envious awe. Schoolchildren in Regina play “Sheri, paper scissors.”

We’d love to hear from you what we can do to make this “Hotel Sheri” for you too… or perhaps Hotel Linda… or Hotel Haley…. we four-o loooove the fact that our employees feel a strong sense of ownership of our hotel and guests.

As a leadership team, our employees are just as important to us as you are to each of them. And so, we provide them with both the responsibility and authority to help you with pretty much anything you might need.

We hope you have a Sheri in your company too. In fact, we hope you have ten.

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