Our Most Important Guests

When you visit The Atlas, you might initially be surprised to learn you’re not our most important guests, and the secret behind that philosophy is the key to our quest to become Regina’s Iconic Hotel.

Let us explain: As an independent hotel leadership team, we have an obligation to you to make our employees our most important guests. How can we possibly expect our team to provide you with a truly shareworthy experience at The Atlas unless we are first willing to provide that same experience to our team?

We didn’t invent this idea of course. The same has been true for WestJet, Disney, and pretty much every company known for legendary service.

Shareworthy Service. Iconic Experiences.

Yes, we invest money into training, technology, and employee engagement, but we go deeper than that. It takes investments of time, energy, optimism, enthusiasm, kindness, duty, and even love.

And these investments are all in our most important guests. Our five-star, VIP, red-carpet, black card, most important guests—our team. Who, in turn regularly and relentlessly provide us with shareworthy stories like this, that make us proud.

A Simple Philosophy

We hope this philosophy—known to our team as Ba Kuzu Zanggappok —puts you at ease everywhere with everyone for everywhat and everywhy at The Atlas, and if you have a kind story to share about a member of our team, we’d love to hear it and celebrate someone here on your behalf!

Can you help us improve?

In your travels, what guest—or team—amenities, features, and little delights have impressed you? We’d love to hear your story. We might share it, and we most definitely will learn from it.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Battuta

Help us Improve