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“Anything you want, mate!”

Located in a remote section of New Zealand’s South Island, Fiordland (as the Kiwis spell it) National Park is a treasure. It’s been the backdrop of several movies, including “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. While cruising on the Doubtful Sound to explore the natural preserve, you’ll hear the most wonderful phrase.
“Of course. It’s New Zealand. Here, it’s anything you want, mate!”

Ask the barman for an exotic snack or drink, and the reply is always the same. It’s the inspiration for Chef Paul and his team in our kitchens.

And whether it’s in our restaurant, our Celtic pub, The Knotted Thistle, pub service in your room, or planning food and drink for an event for 5 or 500, our story’s the same:

Anything you want, mate!* Please contact us to learn more today.

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In your travels, what food and beverage amenities, features, and little delights have impressed you? We’d love to hear your story. We might share it, and we most definitely will learn from it.

* Except snakes… those are best left to the Aussies…

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