In Toroverde, Puerto Rico, they call it El Monstruo. The Monster is the longest, fastest zipline in North, Central, or South America. Adventurers who brave El Monstruo have trouble articulating the experience to those who’ve never stepped off the edge of Toroverde’s platform…

At heights that provide unparalleled views of the island, and while reaching speeds of 152.8km/h, you’ll travel in a horizontal position for 2.5 kilometers with only a helmet, goggles, and a special harness keeping you above the trees.

How do you describe flying to someone with no frame of reference? Or describe freedom?


At The Atlas, we may not be able to help you soar above the trees, but we can provide you several places and spaces to relish a similar sense of joy. Whether it’s in soaring down a waterslide in Soaked! Waterpark, joining us in our Magical 4 Day Only, Pop-Up Resort at Christmas, or simply savouring our recommendations for the best local attractions and things to do, let us help you relax, recharge, and joyfully, joyously recreate the feeling of flying.

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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller

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