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Locals say if you arrive in Keukenhof on the 16th of April, you’ll see more than 7,000,000 flower bulbs at their very best. It was this love of flowers and The Netherlands that led us—through accidental magic—to the international flower and garden show there and, more importantly for you, our model for delivering delightful meetings and events.

If the Swiss are known for watches, and the Colombians for coffee, then our friends and mentors in The Netherlands must surely be known for the precision and attention to detail in hosting meetings and events.

The Specificity Secret of The Dutch

We learned from our friends that an over-and-above fastidiousness to seeing you through from start to finish is the best way to help you flourish. It’s why they know to advise you to visit on April 16th, and not just mid-April.

While this may not matter to everyone, there will be members of your group—if you’re visiting this page, we include you among this select tribe—who know the secret to an excellent event is this attention to every minute facet.

Big Ideas. Little Details. Lasting Memories.

Whether you’re planning your daughter’s wedding or sneaking away to brainstorm your next big breakthrough, our team takes care of every little checkbox and spreadsheet cell to make sure your only worry is savouring your time with us.

Contact our team today. Laat ons je helpen.

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In your travels, what meeting or event amenities, features, and little delights have impressed you? We’d love to hear your story. We might share it, and we most definitely will learn from it.


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