Our Quest For Perfection

Like you, we know perfection is unattainable. In fact, there is a delightful Japanese proverb which says:

(Even monkeys fall from trees.)

So, whether you’re staying for 24 hours or 24 days, we believe you’ll appreciate having a place for everything and having everything in its place for your stay.

Through our world travels (and hearing about yours over the years), we’ve kept notes and journals that have helped us identify—and eliminate—the unnecessary. It’s a big reason why so many guests tell us they feel an extra sense of home and belonging during their stays, but they just couldn’t put their finger on why.

While we’ve studied, practiced, measured, and rewarded efforts to standardize our over-and-above processes, we will make mistakes. But know, this, we’ve adapted one more secret from our friends in the Far East. Kaizen (改善) is the Sino-Japanese word for “improvement.” For us, kaizen refers to the way our entire team at The Atlas works to continuously improve.

It’s this competitive quest for perfection that allows us the grace to say, with confidence: If you’re reading this, know your next room at The Atlas will be clean enough for the Japanese Prime Minister… or our Mum… and we know it will be clean enough for your standards, too.

So go ahead, rest, and work, and eat, and meet, and surf, and play—knowing the immense pride we take in making sure you have an immaculate and comfortable space to call your own; even if it is only for a night. (Little creature comforts available upon request.)

Can you help us improve?

In your travels, what room amenities, features, and little delights have impressed you? We’d love to hear your story. We might share it, and we most definitely will learn from it.

Live your life by a compass, not a clock.

Stephen Covey

Help us Improve