May 7, 2019

We Bring the Pub to You

Story - We Bring the pub to You

The Drover’s Inn – a Scottish pub favoured by Highland cattle drivers, sits on the banks of Loch Lomond where it has welcomed guests with a special tradition since 1705.

It’s from the folks here we learned of “Pub Service.” You see, while chatter is very important to the Irish, the Scots often prefer some time alone, especially after spending the better part of the day with a sorded lot of heery coos.*

And thus, in honour of The Drover’s Inn, we’re prood to offer ye the same pricing up in your guestroom that you’d find in our onsite pub.
Pub Service rejects the notion of room service and delivery charges. It’s ungracious. The price you pay in the pub is the price you’ll pay in your room – it’s that simple.

Don’t get us wrong! We’d love for you to join us down in the Thistle for dinner or simply a wee bonailie before bed but if you prefer keeping to yourself, we completely ken ya.

(*Heery Coos – or hairy cows as ye might say are Highland cattle which have an unusually long double coat of hair. This makes them well suited to conditions in the Highlands… and come to think of it prolly winters here in Regina too.)

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