June 7, 2019

We Can Be Unreasonable

Please don’t misunderstand what we’re about to tell you. We like rules. We believe in rules. We know that rules are necessary.

But… sometimes you just need… a but.

(We almost named this story “We like big buts, and we cannot lie…” but believe we made the right decision.)

Anyways, back to our story…. Wayne – one of our long time, regular guests was in a bit of a bind during one of his trips because his credit card had been compromised. He called Linda at the Front Desk who immediately recognized his voice. Linda didn’t bat an eye and assured him not to worry; that we would take good care of him with the hopes this might put him at ease during such a stressful time.

Now do the “rules” say every guest must have blah, blah, blah….  sure they do.

But… we know Wayne. He’s been staying with us for years; heck sometimes he might be at the hotel more often than some of our staff. Plus, he’s a member of our corporate VIP program and we didn’t feel that the letter of the rules should supersede human decency for helping out not just a guest but a friend. (P.S. Yes we know that “letter of the rules” is not a real phrase…. we’re working on it).

Rules are great but there are exceptions to every rule. Our friend Wayne is exceptional.

We believe you are too. So, the question we ask you is, how can we be unreasonable for you on your next trip?

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