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meet the atlas˚ hotel

After 8 years of dreaming, 4 years (and $10 million) in renovations, and 2 years of planning, we are pretty pumped to now be Regina’s best independent, locally-owned hotel—The Atlas˚. 

If you're familiar with Regina, you may remember us as the award-winning, Travelodge Regina on South Albert Street. The one with the super cool waterpark, popular Celtic-inspired pub, delicious onsite family-friendly restaurant, comfy guestrooms, and oodles of impressive meeting and event spaces? Yup, that’s us.

Meeting us for the first time? Well, hello there! Or, as our staff often says, 'sup?

When you visit The Atlas˚ Hotel, you’ll discover a team of people who have “hospitality” flowing in their veins (don't worry, it's not painful), a crew that's eager to serve up everything from pints or pillows in order to help you have the best, most memorable stay - whether it be for one night or 30. 

While our name may have changed (along with a few other cool new offerings), the important things remain. We still have the same great stuff, great staff and the same local owner (who just so happens to love shaking things up). We've been proud locals supporting locals (even before it was the cool thing to do). 

Thanks for checking us out again for the first time… it means the world to us!


our commitment to service excellence

On September 16th, 2023, our crew was honoured with the prestigious 2023 ABEX Service Award from The ABEX Awards, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, and the entire selection committee. 🥳 Our smiles literally couldn't be wider, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have shared the finalist stage with such remarkable businesses.

As an independent, locally owned hotel, The Atlas° Hotel's heart beats for you—our wonderful guests. 💜 From your neighbours to your kid's hockey team, from hosting your daughter's wedding to welcoming visiting friends from provinces away, and even providing a haven for your wonderfully wacky Aunt Helen over the holidays (because, well, we all have an Aunt Helen, right? 😅), you are the essence of what we do.

Whether it's our unique brand style, our convenient location, or maybe you spotted us on social media, it all comes down to one thing: service. From our front-of-house to our behind-the-scenes crew, we live and breathe hospitality and service. We won't always get it perfect (after all, we're only human), but please know we always give it our best shot (and will do whatever is in our power to make things right)! Our crew pledges to continue crafting unforgettable experiences for our guests each and every day.

🌟 Thank you for entrusting us with such a pivotal role in your stories, journeys, celebrations, and cherished memories.