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At The Atlas Hotel, we have made a commitment—keep our information straightforward and our policies simple (we're firm believers in common sense). So if you have questions about any of the following information, please just ask!


To lock in and confirm your wedding date, we have the following payment schedule:

  • Deposit: $1,000 to lock in your date at the time of contract signing
  • Pre-payment #1: $2,500 due 90 days after your deposit
  • Pre-payment #2: $2,500 due 90 days before your wedding date

The three pre-payments above are not refundable, nor transferable to another date.

guest accommodations

Well, book with us, of course! We’d be happy to reserve a block of guestrooms for your out-of-town guests, along with a booking code, specific to your event. This means your guests will have first dibs on rooms at a locked-in room rate. Ask us about a custom web page or accommodation cards to ensure your guests get the information they need to book.

the essentials

Let us help you check a few of the basics off your list for your special day. They’re all included, so just let us know which ones you want to take us up on.

  • White or black table linens
  • White or black linen napkins
  • White or black skirting for the head table
  • Guestbook Table
  • Gift Table
  • Cake Table
  • DJ Table
  • Podium with Microphone for Announcements & Speeches
  • Table Numbers with Stands
  • Easel


Live greenery vs sparkles? Neutrals or a bold pop of colour? It’s all up to you! Here are some things to know as you are planning your decorations:

  • Decorating the room can be done the night before if the room is not in use (we do our very best to make this possible). Our Catering Crew can confirm the exact set-up time one month leading up to your celebration
  • Permanent hooks and pins are not allowed in our walls
  • Certain tape can damage surfaces, like clear packaging tape, for example. Please check with our team to ensure the tape you are using is suitable
  • Candles are fine if the flame is contained inside a holder. Open flame? Nope, sorry. Open flames are fire hazards
  • Confetti or those teeny, tiny sparkles = a major pain to clean up. If it happens to make its way into your celebration, it’s not the end of the world. We just ask that you help cover some of our cleaning fees by paying an extra $200
  • Using a professional wedding decorator? Have them reach out to us to confirm set-up and take-down times. Please ensure they are familiar with these decorating policies, as you would be responsible for them

guaranteed attendance

We get it, life happens. Someone will RSVP but won’t show up. Or, someone is going to show up who didn’t RSVP. No worries, we’re ready for it. We’ll prepare for up to 5% over the guaranteed number of guests you confirm. Final head counts are required the Monday before your wedding date.

diet & allergy accommodations

Two words: no problem. If any of your guests have dietary restrictions or allergies, we can provide these guests with an individually plated meal, prepared just for them. We actually do this all the time, so just let us know in advance so we can prepare accordingly.

exclusivity & food

Our Kitchen Crew is amazing. No, seriously—they are. These folks whip up drool-worthy dishes on the daily. Any events taking place at our hotel are catered exclusively by our crew—the one exception being your wedding cake (or whatever alternative you might have to a wedding cake, like cupcakes for example). Also, we want your wedding cake to remain as beautiful as it is—we will leave the transportation, set up, and display of the wedding cake up to you and your helpers. Need to deliver in advance and store in a cooler? No problem, just give us the heads up on its arrival time. Unconsumed food and beverages cannot be removed or re-packaged after your event. However, we can't stop Aunt Edna from wrapping her dinner rolls in a napkin and stashing them in her handbag.

service charges & taxes

A 15% service charge (gratuity), GST, and PST will be applied to your total bill

socan & re:sound fees

Whether you’re planning a DJ to get everyone out on the dance floor or a live band, we’re legally required to collect licensing fees on behalf of SOCAN ($63.49) and Re:Sound ($26.63). We’ll fill out the paperwork for you and the fees will appear on your bill.