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catering policies

guaranteed attendance

The Atlas° Hotel requires three business days advance notice of the guaranteed number of guests attending your function. In the event we do not receive a guaranteed number, we will use the last number given to us or the actual number in attendance, (whichever is greater), and you will be billed based on that number.

special dietary requirements

Please note that for guests with special dietary restrictions, we will design a special plated meal for their needs. For your guests with allergies, we will do our best to ensure their allergic needs are taken care of, but some items we use come from outside suppliers and we have no control over cross-contamination issues. This is particularly important for your guests with gluten, nut and fish allergies. For those guests who have inhalation or contact allergies, we must remind them that we cannot guarantee that their event will ever be 100% free of these contaminants.

method of payment

All new accounts must apply for credit to establish billing privileges before the event, otherwise, an alternate form of payment is required. Private and social events are required to pay an initial deposit and 100% of the estimated charges three business days before the event. Sorry, we do not accept personal cheques. Deposits are non-refundable. Once the contract(s) are signed by the credit card holder, it authorizes the hotel to charge the credit card number for payment.

service charges, taxes & prices

A 15% service charge (gratuity), plus applicable taxes, will be applied to your total bill. All prices are subject to change without notice. An additional labour surcharge will apply to functions held on statutory holidays.

entertainment - SOCAN & re:sound fees

Music can be the difference between an OK event and an AMAZING one. For any music played in our function rooms, we are legally required to collect licensing fees on behalf of SOCAN ($63.49) and Re:Sound ($26.63). We’ll fill out the paperwork for you and the fees will appear on your bill.

exclusivity & food

Our Kitchen Crew is amazing. No, seriously, they are. These folks whip up drool-worthy dishes on the daily. Any events taking place at our hotel are catered exclusively by our Crew. Unconsumed food and beverages cannot be removed or re-packaged after your event. Though we can’t stop those hungry attendees who stash an extra churro away for the drive home.

function room assignment

The Atlas° Hotel reserves the right to provide alternate function space if changes in numbers, set-up requirements or time changes occur. Locations of rooms are subject to change. Please do not distribute specific room names in your meeting or event invitations. Function room assignments are posted daily on the electronic reader board in the lobby.

start & finish times/room set-up

We request that you adhere to the start and finish times of your function. The space is only booked for the time indicated. Set-up and dismantle times are to be specified at the time of booking. One style set-up is provided in 24 hours. If the room style setting requires changing within this period, a labour fee may be assessed. All personal materials must be removed from the banquet room at the end of each day unless reserved on a 24-hour basis.

shipping, receiving & storage

Material shipped to The Atlas° Hotel will be directed to the appropriate rooms. However, no responsibility is accepted for the loss, damage, shipping or movement of heavy items. Insurance, arrangements and payment for customs clearance and labour/equipment for the movement of heavy items must be provided by the convener.

catering policy pages are an extension of all banquet event orders (BEOs). BEOs are the documents from which all our departments work to successfully execute your function. once you receive the BEOs from your event representative, please review them carefully, make a note of any changes, sign, and return them to our office.

BEO contracts are legally binding.