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Order now by dialing "3" on your guestroom phone. Click the different menu options on the side to view our drinks, breakfast, or all-day food.

please note: our room service is fair-price, meaning we do not add any automatic gratuities to your bill (so don't forget to tip your server)!

Prices do not include applicable taxes

kid’s breakfast menu

available from 6-10:30 AM

Each kid's breakfast includes a glass of juice, milk, or chocolate milk

The Atlas° Classic Jr. | $7 (GF, DF)
One free-range egg, any style. Served with bacon, crispy cubed hashbrowns, and toast

Kids Pancakes | $7 (V)
Two house-made buttermilk pancakes served with pancake syrup

Kid’s Continental | $7 (V)
Toasted banana bread, fresh fruit, and vanilla Greek yogurt

kid's all-day

available from 11 AM - 12:30 AM

Each kid’s meal includes a glass of juice, milk, or pop (all meals) and a side of fries, house salad, or soup (excluding pizzas)
Upgrade to Caesar Salad or Sweet Potato Fries | +$2

Chicken Nuggies | $7
Tender strips of chicken battered and fried until golden. Served with your choice of honey dill, buffalo ranch, honey garlic, or plum sauce

Ooey-Gooey Grilled Cheese | $7 (V)
Two pieces of white bread filled with gooey cheese and grilled to perfection

Cheeseburger Sliders | $7
Two mini all beef patty sliders topped with cheddar cheese on a mini brioche bun

Cheese Please Pizza | $7 (V)
6" Pizza with cheese, cheese, and more cheese, house-made pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese

Poppin’ Pepperoni Pizza | $7
6" Pepperoni pizza with house-made pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese

Happy Hawaiian Pizza | $7
6" Pizza with ham, pineapple, house-made pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese

allergen key

GF Gluten Friendly
DF Dairy Friendly
V Vegetarian
VG Vegan
NUT Contains Nuts
SP Spicy

We are not a certified allergen-free facility, and we cannot guarantee our menu items to be completely allergen-free. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions and we'll do our best to accommodate it.