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pub legends

20oz pints | $9

Irish ale with lightly roasted malts and chocolate that mellows from a slightly tart to a bitter aftertaste.

Kronenbourg Blanc
A refreshing, slightly bitter, smooth wheat beer. Its taste reveals fruity and slightly acidic citrus notes.

Sweet brown ale with a good, nutty background and hints of cocoa powder and toasted malts. Lightly roasted malt aroma with hints of toffee and brown sugar, medium body and medium carbonation.

An upfront creamy ale with a slightly metallic bitterness, a bold roasted nut centre, and a light bitter follow.

Initially grainy with a touch of noble hops in the finish. A very simple but refreshing lager.

9 Mile Legacy Belgian Blonde
Belgian-style blonde with Belgian yeast to smooth out the hops and malts and add a bit of spicy character.

Stella Artois
Classic Belgian lager that is golden in colour with a floral, hop aroma, well-balanced fruity-malty sweetness, crisp hop bitterness and soft dry finish.

ol' faithfuls

20oz pints | $8.50

Michelob Ultra
A light golden lager with notes of citrus. Made from two-row Munich malts and European select hops with a clean, refreshing finish.

Alexander Keith’s
The original Nova Scotia blonde ale with subtle spice and herb notes from the hops and yeast coming together over a light cereal grain foundation to provide a fresh, easy-drinking ale.

Slightly tart and sour with a single-apple flavour. It has a frothy beer-like taste and a cozy pub feel. This would be a good starter cider for any beer fan.

ol' faithfuls cont.

Blue Moon
Belgian-style wheat ale with citrus sweetness and a light, spicy aroma of coriander and orange zest.

Original 16
Mellow toasted malts provide this pale ale with a backdrop for subtle orange, peach, and lemon flavours. Finishes dry and crisp with a spice seed vapour trail.

Coors Original
A golden lager with an inviting aroma of freshly baked bread and understated hints of banana and pear.

local favs

20oz pints | $8

Rebellion Zilla IPA
(Regina, SK)
A smooth hop profile bursting with floral, citrus, and tropical notes.

Rebellion Amber Ale
(Regina, SK)
Flavours of caramel and toast balanced by aromas of florals and grapefruit.

Pile O’Bones White IPA
(Regina, SK)
Big citrus and fruity hop flavour with little bitterness.

Coors Light
(Golden, CO)
Pale gold colour that has a light grain with a touch of mineral aroma and flavour with a soft, pleasant finish.

local favs cont.

Churchill Brewing Co. Plainsmen Pilsner
(Saskatoon, SK)
A light, crisp, completely balanced pilsner without crazy amounts of hops found in other craft pilsners.

Nokomis Brown Ale
(Nokomis, SK)
This beer features dark notes of cacao and molasses. The flavour is balanced between rich maltiness and hoppy bitterness.

Black Bridge Milk Stout
(Swift Current, SK)
This beer pours dark with the aroma of dark chocolate and dried fruit. The sweetness is balanced by the roasted malt, with a rich creamy feel.

specialty beers

Früli | $9
Intense strawberry flavour with a hint of orange peel and coriander. A very drinkable fruit beer.
Exclusively served in a specialized Früli branded 12oz glass.

Erdinger | $9
Refreshing, cloudy wheat beer with hints of citrus and banana.
Exclusively served in a specialized Erdinger branded 17oz stein.

beer cocktails

Harp Shandy | $8
3/4 Harp lager & 1/4 Ginger Ale

Snakebite | $9
1/2 Harp lager & 1/2 Cider

Half & Half | $9
1/2 Guinness & 1/2 Harp lager

Crown Float | $9
1/2 Guinness & 1/2 Cider

Strawberry Dak | $10
1oz White Rum, Früli, and a shot of lime juice

bottles & cans

Domestic | $7

  • Canadian
  • Coors Light
  • Pilsner
  • Budweiser
  • Kokanee
  • MGD
  • Bud Light

Import & Cans

Heineken (330 mL) | $8
Corona (330 mL) | $8
Stiegl Radler (500 mL) | $9
Rebellion Lentil (473 mL) | $9
Crabbie’s Ginger Beer (500 mL) | $10


Corona Sunbrew 0.0% | $6
Heineken 0.0% | $6
Good Spirit Kombucha | $7