your request has been received

We couldn't be happier that you're coming to stay at The Atlas° Hotel as a guest (seriously, try to get us to stop smiling).

as a crew member, when you stay on-site, there are a few things you'll need to remember:

  • During your stay, you are a guest—please act like one (meaning no going behind the bar to refill your drink or entering staff-only areas)!
  • Please follow all hotel rules. As an employee, your conduct is more likely to be observed than a typical guest (and you don't want to have awkward conversations with your co-workers on Monday morning).
  • If any incidents occur with you or any of your guests using the Crew Discount, you may lose the ability to utilize this perk for future bookings.

Please keep an eye on your email for your reservation confirmation. If there are any issues with your booking, our Reservation Specialist (or another approved staff member) will contact you.