May 31, 2019

Ba Kuzu Zanggappok

Lukla, Nepal, October 2007

You have a third-generation Sherpa named Nima to thank for our customer service philosophy here at The Atlas.

“Ba Kuzu Zanggappok.” It means “you’re welcome” he said in broken English. And the phrase “You’re welcome” he paused for emphasis “means a lot.” “Whatever you need on your journey”, he said with a grin “I got this.”

It should be noted that this was not the only Western idiom our Sherpa friend shared during the days of our climb. It is; however, the only one we can share with you in good taste. After all, what happens on the mountain, (for the most part) stays on the mountain.

It is in honour of Nima and his ancestors that we teach our team the traditions of Ba Kuzu Zanggappok.

So never fear; we got this.

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