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how we're keeping you safe

As we all continue to follow updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the health, safety and wellbeing of our guests, our Crew, and our community remains our top priority as we navigate these uncertain times.  

While some travel is elective, for you or anyone who might be visiting The Atlas° Hotel in the days and weeks to come, we wanted to assure you of the efforts which have been prepared and are underway to ensure a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit here at our property.  

In accordance to worldwide communicated prevention practices, the following are a number of the proactive practices and preventative measures which have been undertaken to minimize the risk of or spread of Coronavirus within our property.  

overall property measures:

  • All pens provided in outlets, function rooms, food & beverage outlets, guestrooms, or at the Front Desk are being regularly disinfected. We welcome you to bring or use your own if that’s preferred. Sharing of pens has also been discouraged.  
  • Educational COVID-19 information posters from the Canadian Government have been put up to ensure all staff and guests are aware of the virus and precautions to take to minimize the spread or contraction of it in addition to posters reminding individuals to socially distance themselves while on property.  
  • Additional COVID-19 information and actions is available to anyone who is requesting it. This is available via the Front Desk.  
  • Enhanced disinfecting cleaning standards have been undertaken to address public spaces and high contact areas such as doors, handles, hard surfaces like countertops, railings, switches, and the like.  
  • Providing education to our Crew and guests on best practices to prevent the spread of the virus based on World Health Organization and CDC protocols including: 
    • Training on proper cough and sneezing etiquette 
    • Avoiding touching your face 
    • Practicing social distancing including encouraging no longer shaking hands or high-fiving 
    • Reinforcing proper hand-washing techniques 
  • Guestroom key cards are being disinfected between each use.  
  • Guests wishing to minimize their contact can leave their keys in their guestroom and utilize express check-out for a contact-less experience.  
  • Social distancing measures have been implemented in central areas of the hotel such as: 
    • Footprint decals in the lobby outlining appropriate distances between guests at the Front Desk.  
    • Recommendations for only 1 group or guest to occupy the elevator at once.  
    • Plexi-glass barriers have been installed in front of workstations at the Front Desk to provide separation between visitors and Guest Ambassadors as well as in the Waterpark around the staff station. 
    • Social distancing signage has been introduced throughout the property.

guestroom enhancements:

  • Guestrooms with a Do Not Disturb sign are now required to be cleaned every two days regardless of signage to ensure regular disinfecting.  
  • Upon check-out guestrooms are being left vacant for a minimum of 24 hours before staff will enter the room to thoroughly clean it as a preventative measure for Crew safety.  

In addition, it is our standard practice for all of our towels, and bed linens including duvet covers to be cleaned with every check out regardless of use.  

High frequency touch points such as door handles, remotes, lamp switches, the coffee maker, pens, phones, light switches, etc. which are always a top priority continue to be disinfected. 

These are each standards we adhere to year round and will continue to abide by even outside of the current conditions.  

waterpark actions:

Soaked! Waterpark will be back in action as of Monday, July 6th. When re-opening the following are a number of the precautions which are going to be exercised along with others which have been mandated or are prevalent as being beneficially recognized in this industry:   

  • Soaked! Waterpark proudly utilizes a state-of-the-art chemical monitoring and filtration system. The Center for Disease Control recently stated that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through the use of pools or hot tubs which are being properly maintained, operated and disinfected. This information can be viewed by visiting 
  • The waterpark is a communal gathering area. As a space with high traffic, it will undergo increased disinfecting for high contact areas such as water features, safety railings, chairs, etc.  
  • Seating areas in the perimeter of the waterpark will be significantly reduced to allow for social distancing. 
  • The waterpark occupancy will be reduced to a total of 100 people maximum at any given time as per the Government of Saskatchewan Phase 4.2 Guidelines. 
  • Social distancing signage is present within the waterpark. Our team is committed to focusing on the park attractions being used safely and the space remaining sanitized. We're asking for parents and guardians to assist with ensuring their families are staying a minimum of 6' or 2m away from other households in the park at all times. 
  • Occupancy limitations have been implemented to try and reduce the possibility of peak periods at the waterpark. 
  • Our traditional pool parties will not be offered at the present time. Instead we'll be introducing a new system we feel will be able to better accommodate families looking to make a splash at Soaked! Waterpark. More details coming soon.
  • Shared items such as life jackets are no longer going to be able to be offered by Soaked! Waterpark as per Government of Saskatchewan recommendations for water facilities. Going forward we encourage families with children who require safety equipment to please bring these when you visit.
  • In accordance with current regulations, the water fountain within the waterpark has been temporarily closed given the shared nature of it's use. 
  • Additionally staff have been introduced to each shift in the waterpark to focus on executing additional cleaning and disinfection protocols which have been introduced. 
  • Social distancing signage has been introduced in areas were lines may form such as the staircase up to the waterslides. 
  • A new exit location for the waterpark has been introduced to minimize the risk of individuals coming into contact when entering and exiting the waterpark.  
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are being introduced at both the entrance and exit. 
  • Cleansing showers are required of any individuals looking to come into contact with any attraction items or bodies of water. 

gym safety:

The following processes and standards have been implemented to ensure the guest gym at the hotel remains a space you can feel safe occupying:  

  • The gym will be locked and no longer available to be accessed via a guestroom key. This allows us to ensure the gym is properly disinfected and sanitized between guest uses. Access can now be requested by dialing ‘0’ on a guestroom phone or stopping by the Front Desk.  
  • A maximum of 1 individual will be allowed entry to use the gym at a time. After a guest has concluded their workout, a thorough sanitization and disinfecting regiment will be undertaken by our Housekeeping team and the room locked to ensure its safety for the next guest’s use.  
  • Disinfecting wipes for any surfaces individuals wish to sanitize prior to making contact with or using are always provided in the gym as a property standard.  

function room enhancements:

Any function rooms in use are being utilized respecting the size limitations which have been laid out by the Government of Saskatchewan along with the option for social distancing measures to be integrated into set-ups.  

  • Intensive cleaning protocols including more frequent disinfectant of areas such as coffee urn handles, door handles, podiums, phones, bar counters, fridge handles, etc.  
  • Function spaces are being set-up to observe social distancing protocols.  
  • Increased sanitization initiatives resulting in water jugs being replaced more frequently and with fewer shared opportunities.  
  • Serving staff will don gloves during service periods.  
  • Function room chairs are being sanitized using fabric disinfectant spray between functions.  
  • In accordance with provincial protocols, buffet service options are no longer being offered at this time.  
  • Event spaces are being limited to a single group or booking per day during this time and will not be used to accommodate multiple groups in a 24-hour period.  

food & beverage measures:

DISH Restaurant and The Knotted Thistle Pub are open along with full room service offerings. These services are being offered with additional safety and cleanliness protocols in place. These include but are not limited to:  

  • Enhanced precautions in addition to regular safe food practices with:  
    • Increased frequency kitchen sanitization measures 
    • Kitchen Staff are wearing gloves 
    • Cooks & servers wearing masks 
    • The use of bulk items such as straws have been eliminated temporarily due to the potential for multiple points of contact.  
  • A maximum of 6 people can be seated together at a single table as per government requirements.  
  • DISH Restaurant and the Knotted Thistle Pub will be operating at lower capacity levels with revised table layouts to enable social distancing to be observed.  
  • High contact touch points such as coffee urns have been eliminated and re-fills will be conducted with new glassware each time.  
  • Increased disinfection and sanitation standards have been introduced for high touch items such as door handles, beer taps, payment processing machines, etc. 
  • DISH will no longer be serving buffet style meals at this time based on current protocols within the province.  
  • Signage will be present at the entrances and within the pub and restaurant to reinforce social distancing messaging and relay maximum capacity details. 
  • When visiting any of our food & beverage outlets, patrons are not required to wear a mask but we certainly have no issues if you choose to. 
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be positioned at all outlet entrances. Visitors will be encouraged to use them upon arrival.  
  • Tables and seating will be sanitized using an approved disinfectant before they will be made available to be occupied. Signage will be present on tables identifying them as being sanitized and ready to be seated at to eliminate the potential for cross contamination.  
  • Reusable items such as salt and pepper shakers or menus will no longer be present on tables. 
  • All menus will be disinfected between each guest use. If you don’t feel comfortable interacting with a physical menu, the Knotted Thistle Pub menus will be available to be viewed virtually on their website. In DISH Restaurant a single use, disposable menu can be provided to you as an alternative.  
  • Tap payment functionality being encouraged to minimize machine contact. Cash will still be accepted. 
  • Room Service offerings available with minimal contact delivery.  
  • We have reached out to our food suppliers for assurances regarding the safety of food being delivered to the hotel. They have assured us that they are:  
    • Temporarily restricting staff from international travel  
    • Monitoring their staff’s health daily 
    • No deliveries are being made by anyone who is ill 
    • Sanitizing their trucks regularly 
    • Ensuring all food is not coming from high risk areas 

staff related actions:

  • All staff have been asked to avoid travel to high-risk affected areas.  
  • Hand washing standards have been implemented to take place a minimum of every hour across all departments. 
  • Any of our team who may have come into contact with someone who visited a high-risk affected area or contracted the virus must report this to management to ensure they aren’t exhibiting symptoms and are not to report to work.   
  • Our own team’s health is being monitored daily. Staff demonstrating any symptoms regardless of how minor or those not feeling well are required to stay home as a precautionary measure in accordance with the property COVID-19 Temporary Sick Policy. 
  • Offsite workspaces have been implemented for any individuals whose role doesn’t require them to work from the hotel directly.  
  • Additional resources and an action plan have been provided to Crew members who believe they have come into contact or could be sick with COVID-19.  
  • Regular disinfection of all workspaces and multiple disinfection points to be covered every 3 hours at minimum for shared workspaces.  
  • Staff in certain roles such as Pub Servers, Cooks, Room Service Delivery Staff, Housekeepers, Event Crew, and the like will be wearing masks while on shift in accordance with Government guidelines due to the likelihood of their role not enabling them to socially distance at all times. . Other staff are being encouraged and welcomed to wear masks or alternate PPE while working if desired.  
  • Staff will be wearing gloves when conducting cleaning or disinfecting duties or when preparing food services. Outside of this, gloves are not being required to be worn by staff as per the recommendation by the Health Authority of Saskatchewan.  

We are committed to continuing to monitor the CDC and WHO information in relation to this outbreak along with other areas of resources to ensure we are meeting and exceeding any standards and recommended action plans provided to the public.  

We understand that you may have a variety of travel concerns during this uncertain time. If you are unsure about your particular circumstances, please know that you can cancel your room without penalty. We simply ask you to give us as much notice as you are able. Alternatively, we'd be happy to adjust your reservation for a future date if you have one in mind.   

We can't wait to see everyone again soon. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive. 

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