June 18, 2019

Never Turn a Blind Eye

Not all that long ago, we installed a new digital LED billboard on the roof of our hotel.

Mabel lives behind us. She called us here and you know, she couldn’t have been sweeter when she said our new digital sign was just too darned bright at night. It was shining through her bedroom curtains and keeping her awake.

Now, while that concern, no matter, how politely delivered would have been funneled up the cagey corporate ladder at many places, we just asked ourselves:

“What would a good neighbour do?”

And so, because we couldn’t take down the sign at that point, we bought Mabel some new blinds and took care of the installation too. Mabel was not only happy but surprised a business would do something like that. Well Mabel, we’re more than a business; we’re your neighbour.

Our “boardroom” isn’t across the country (in fact for a hotel filled with meeting rooms, we’ll be honest with you, we don’t even have our own boardroom… but that’s besides the point). What we’re trying to say is we’re right here, in the hotel, in south Regina, across the street from Mabel’s place and that fact affects every decision we make.

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